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Hey thanks for the reply.

1. I guess I'm just trying to get into the mind of an effbuilder and understand the process, though I suppose it varies by builder. Here I was just asking about the process of your vision and thru the creative process and what finally made the final product that "ahhh..that's what I was building". I was more curious I guess to the ride qualities that made it "just right" and what they were. In truth, I'm sorta fascinated with the whole creation process how you decide what tubes, what diameters of tubes, what lightening or processing of tubes, etc to achieve what your mind envisioned ride your looking for. Heh..but I was trying to "dumb down" the question to simplify it.

2. Yeah..I was just trying to see if there was some sort of underlying ride quality to your bikes. I assumption is that each fb must have something in their minds eye as to what constituents the "right" ride and that this quality must indirectly be reflected in the work they produce. Hmm.. your answer seems to indicate that at least for you their isn't such a thing... I get in theory but still pondering or churning this

3. So given #1, I get how someone would build something for themselves but trying to understand here how an fb truly understands how their final product will ride for say..someone 5 feet tall and 105lbs or even someone 6.5 ft tall and 200..with all the subtle asks that each such customer might request. How do verify this..but it sounds like a "you just know from experience"

Hey thanks for putting up with the "wonderings" of a new.
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