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I have a couple of bikes around between demos, etc, but my two main squeezes at the moment are the stainless "Fixed Urban" (or my "FU" to be crass) and my "Thin Iggy" road bike.

The Fixed Urban was built as a test sled for the then new KVA pipes. It is made from their initial run of double butted tubes and has the second set of tapered seat stays to come out of heat treat. I originally set it up and rode it with a cruiser bar, but recently made a new stem for it and put on some Nitto drops. It is essentially a stage race bike tweaked for fenders and fixed provisions. Micro bikini whale-tail lugs (named for their shape, obviously), internal light wiring and an integrated E3 mount. I love it.

Not to long ago I built up a new road frame (the Thin Iggy)to work through a couple of ideas I had, both in material selection and finish. This bike is built using classic diameter tubes, but with a modern shape and fit. The blending of classic pipes, a semi compact fame and medium volume tires has been a lot of fun. It runs a 28, and can fit up to about a 32 (actual) under standard short reach brakes. It is fun to have a racey package with a tire that is a larger diameter then the top tube (or even the down tube, depending).

Both of these are variations on that "high performance, non race bicycle" concept I discussed earlier. While the Iggy could certainly be raced, both were designed to give a high performance edge to every day riders. To suit my tastes, they are "race-type" bikes tweaked for my riding and for things like full coverage fenders to fit my needs.

Plus, it matches my jersey:
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See the bikes at Winter Bicycles

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