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Hi Todd -

We've continued and expanded upon the type of tube manipulation that was done at the Serotta factory. In fact, we have the exact CNC lathe that we still use for externally butting our tube sets.

We do not swage our chainstays as the drop-outs we utilize don't require it and we prefer the structural and aesthetic characteristics of the style we now use.

To get into the details on tube manipulation, butting, etc. I would direct you to a video series we have been rolling-out with the help of NY-based videographer, Kyler Lieberman.

All can be found here:

Originally Posted by Toddtwenty2 View Post

In my humble opinion, you all at No 22 make some of the nicest bicycles available today. Your bikes get incredible praise and I have no doubts that they are wonderful.

Seeing as this is formerly a Serotta forum, and your organization houses many of the individuals previously employed by Serotta, I can’t help but compare your bicycles to the bicycles coming out under that advanced bicycle-fabricating organization. Would it be possible to elaborate further on your tubeset butting and swaging processes in comparison?

I have always believed that the Serotta Legend was the most thoughtfully considered titanium tubeset. Whether this is true or not is debatable. However, Ben did a thorough job of educating everyone on his butting, swaging, and bending of tubes to create the best ride he could produce. I was wondering if you’d be open to divulging where you decided to include butting/swaging decisions versus do away with them in comparison. Your bicycles certainly have advancements beyond Serotta in areas like the head tube, your prices are more amenable, and your bikes have a more broad use-case as far as I am concerned. However, Serotta went deep into the rabbit hole of tube manipulation to constantly work toward the desired ride characteristics they strived for at the lowest weight they could achieve. Since many individuals in your organization were within those walls, I would be very interested to hear more about your thought process behind butting, swaging, and tube manipulation.

No worries if this is not something you’d like to delve into at a detailed level. Again, your bicycles garner unanimous praise, and I would love to own one. I am sure that these tubeset manipulation decisions have been thoughtfully considered, but I don’t understand the logic and reality behind the considerations and choices. These are fun details to know and great selling points on nerdy bicycle forums.

With much admiration and respect,
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