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The nominal size of Serottas has always been seat, not top tube.

If you look at the 2003 catalog's geo charts, you will find one for standard road and for compact geometry. Size range is the same for both, so nominal size on the compacts is the seat tube length as if the TT were level, c to c.

Chart scan is hard to read but:

Size 57 Standard Geo has a 57 ctc seat tube and a 57 ctc TT

Size 57 Compact Geo has a 51 ctc seat tube and a 57 TT

Size 58 Standard Geo has a 58 ctc seat tube and a 57.5 ctc TT

Size 58 Compact Geo has a 52 ctc seat tube and a 57.5 TT

I assume the compact TT length is effective measurement although it's not specifically stated.

If you want to back this up from an actual frame, find one in the gallery and ask the owner for serial number and measurements. It can't be too new, or you'll get into the new serial number system.
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