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Originally Posted by Smiley
Hey Angry,
The Legend Ti you bought from me actually my wife's was a wedding present from me to her. We did Seagull Century Oct 1998 and she demo'd a Legend Ti frame in a stock 50 cm that year. I went ahead and ordered shortly after that ride this frame. Serotta only made a Legend Ti frame then so no mistaking it with differnt letters after the name. I am sure it was built in very late 98 or early 99. Enjoy and many happy miles. Smiley

BTWwe married in Sept 1998 and postponed our honeymoon til after Seagull since I was the Serotta rep at the time and I THINK Ben Serotta was scheduled to appear with us for that event hence the reason why we put off going to Aruba til after this event.
cool story Smiley, what a great wedding present too. rest assured - it's in good hands
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