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Originally Posted by scottcw2 View Post
I usually ride a 58-58.5 c-c square frame. I am considering a frame with a 61.5 c-c seat tube and a 58 cm c-c top tube.

I'm thinking that reach is the more important measurement here as I can always drop the saddle by ~3cm and adjust the fore-aft of the saddle to match the reach of my other bikes.

Am I correct or off base that the TT length is more critical than ST if all else is equal?
you never adjust saddle fore/aft to correct reach, period

a taller frame will generally have the handlebars higher, so if you need your bars on the higher side, should be fine; if you like them relatively low compared to the seat, then think again about this one

finally top tube length also is dependent on seat tube angle when setting up reach. a slacker sta will need a longer TT to have the same reach as a steeper sta
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