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SBarner: Thanks for the info. We hopefully can now say that 1982 - 1984 Serotta serial numbers started with a two digit year code. I believe that 1985 to early 1990 started with a single digit for the year. A Nova Special recently surfaced on the forum with a serial number that begins with zero. I still believe the switch to the two letter model codes happened in 1990, because my Nova Special is coded SL58xxxx, and 1990 was the last year for the Nova.

Black Dog: I believe you are correct about the CII being introduced in 1989. I have a Bicycle Guide test of the Colorado in the July 1989 issue. Although the frame is referred to as a "Colorado" throughout the article, the box with specs for the bike and build is headed up with "Colorado II".

NRV: Yes, I think that's very likely a 1991. That paint was one of the standards on the CII in 1991. I have an NHX (only made in '91) painted the same way (factory paint, but custom on the NHX).

Aaron O: Good to have the serial number, shows how many CIIs were being made in the early 1990s (a lot). 1992 is the last year, yours probably is full lugged? Would like to see it.

Asudef: That's surely a 1989 Colorado. I have a nearly identical one, serial number is SC61 0242. The only thing that doesn't fit is the brake cable routing on yours. Mine is newer (1990) and still had the top of top tube cable guides. My blue/yellow CII is number 0432 and is pretty much identical in details except it has the top ported internal routing. The side ported routing wasn't used by Serotta as far as I know until 1993 with the CR and CRL. I wonder if possibly someone had yours repainted around that time and had the internal routing done at the same time. I've seen a couple of other Serotta factory repaints done on older bikes with the split cable stops of the CSI, but never one with added internal routing. It's also missing the chevrons on the ST and DT, which I believe all 1989 frames had. One other thing that makes me think it's a repaint is the tubing sticker. I don't think Serotta used anything but standard Columbus stickers until sometime after 1990, as my pink/onyx Colorado has a normal Columbus SP sticker. The blue/yellow CII has a Serotta sticker that says "Columbus" across the top. I think the sticker on your bike is a newer one, perhaps the one used on the CR/CRL. I have an early (1996?) CSI with the same sticker, but where yours is red, mine is light blue. So you've got an original color scheme, but decals are not quite right. Still closer than most repaints as you have the model name and USA shield which are often lacking.

We need a thread dedicated to all the different Serotta tubing stickers, I guess.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Feel free to PM me if I can help with anything.

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