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black or orangeish/yellow? i dunno about the black stuff, but i had the conti orangish/yellow stuff awhile back. too thick.

try this:

seriously, if it doesn't work for you, i'll buy it from you for your cost (i need a set anyway for a new pair of wheels).

i have used them successfully on a variety of rims from dt, mavic and velocity.

when installing, use a bic pen of something plastic and non-marring to property seat it right smack evenly in the middle--MAKE SURE it doesn't "ride" up along the rim sidewall/bead hook.

fyi the zipp rim strip is 16mm wide vs. conti's 18mm. those addt'l 2mm can be a ballbuster!

Originally Posted by 67-59 View Post
It's called Continental Easy Tape. Can't find specs with the exact thickness, but Excel Sports says "installing tires is far easier than using thicker style tapes." Clearly lower profile than it looks like these issues are occurring even though I have a "thin" rim strip.

Regarding the other comments: I have tried several of the tips given in this thread already, from soapy water to baby powder (not at the same time), and there is still a good 3-4 inches that isn't getting onto the rim. Not even close. My wife vetoed the dryer idea (even in an old pillowcase), and anyway, my dryer wouldn't be with me if I ever flat - I want to get comfortable changing these with the tools I could have with me on the road.

Maybe I'll try the Lezyne levers, otherwise maybe some PR4s. If those ideas don't work, I'll take SoCalSteve's advice and probably have an RR465 smashing party in my back yard. Anyone who brings beer would be invited.

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