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Originally Posted by oliver1850
Joe, it would be interesting to see the frame. Obviously the 1st of that model; perhaps a model that didn't make it into production? The way the list has come about is by people knowing what they have and supplying the codes that correspond. Sometimes you can find a serial number in an old Gallery thread that helps. Perhaps someone has posted an EM serial number somewhere. If you have some guesses about what model it might be, you can search for those models and "serial". You might get lucky that way. I'll help search, but need more info than just EM to get started.

Otherwise start an ID thread on the bike in General Discussion, where more people will see it. Have good pics of all the details: lugs, BB shell, dropouts, seat cluster, fork, and tubing measurements.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Good idea. I'll post a bit more about the frame there. From what Mr. Kirk and Liberace told me when I purchased the frame from him, it was something of a one-off. Reynolds 753 tubes, Henry James lugs from the mid-90s. Unsure if the EM is something of a internal designation for a test model, or bike built for employees or what. But from all the Googling I've done, I haven't seen any Reynolds 753 that made it into production at Serotta.
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