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I've had a lot of trouble with this personally, I have a similar body size/shape..

In general if you let me just adjust the bike till I feel good my knee is going to be behind the pedal spindle. Just about any fitter I've worked with (quite a few, as I'm always having chronic bike fit issues it seems) will always try to push me forward to get my knee over the pedal spindle, regardless of how fancy their equipment is. Interestingly almost all of the places I've been fit almost all ignore the issues with whether the saddle position helps you unweight the handlebars or causes knee pain, it's all KOPS all the time. I think the knee thing is semi-forgivable though as in general fit sessions don't seem long enough to cause knee pain if the position is bad, you just don't seem to ride hard enough and long enough on their trainer/fit bike for stuff to begin hurting.

If I'm too far forward my knees will hurt. Exact same issue if I squat in one of those squat cages that has a bar that travels on a track, or if I'm not really careful with foot placement on a leg press machine. If your knees don't hurt then the position is probably fine for you. For me, I know I can't slide the saddle forward of KOPS, it will make my knees hurt unless there was perhaps something else going on like a very high saddle position or you shorten the cranks.

The saddle thing is very important too and all of this stuff interacts. If either the saddle or the position is not right my leg will push my sit bones around, particularly on my right leg, and I get saddle sores on the right side. For some reason this became a big big issue in the last year or so for me. The two most recent fits I had have seemingly made me way way more susceptible to that saddle sore, or saddles have changed or something has changed with my skin. (Saddles these days in general seem to have less padding and/or they've changed the way the edges of the saddle roll off.) My most recent fit when I put the bike on the trainer gave me a saddle sore in 15 minutes... horrible. All that moving of the sit bones and stuff is probably not helping my back, etc.. either.

BTW sliding the saddle too far back can impact your back too. Any change you make that is too extreme is going to have some negative impact somewhere else.

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