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Originally Posted by 11.4 View Post
How far forward? And are you having any knee problems? And are you happy with your power output? There are a lot of questions here. You know of course that that KOPS measurement is at best an indication and not a rigorous calculation, of course. If you have a short torso and long femurs, then yes, it's hard to fit a bike without your knees being forward of your pedals. The original point of that calculation was so you wouldn't have your knee flexed excessively while applying force to the pedal; it can hurt your knee and reduce power output in some cases, but to say the knee has to be arbitrarily over the pedal has no real substance. It's how a lot of people ride and how Italian pros were told to ride by CONI for thirty years. And they won a lot. So back to the questions. Provide more info and you have a chance of getting a useful response.
Thanks 11.4.

My knee was about at the middle of my big toe and I was doing 10-15 minute 52 x 11 50 rpm hill climb grinds on the training practicing “falling on the pedals” with zero knee pain.

My power seems about the same with that position are rear of that.

As in the above post it seems like my jumping “ready stance” is about where I had my position on the bike. And this feels like a powerful way to be.

As an aside if I get in my jumping stance and try to bias my weight so that the plumb line is over the ball of my foot (where the cleat is at with regard to the axle) I will fall on my ass.

I think you hit the nail on the head. With my leg dimension relative to my torso my knee needs to be more forward.
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