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How far forward? And are you having any knee problems? And are you happy with your power output? There are a lot of questions here. You know of course that that KOPS measurement is at best an indication and not a rigorous calculation, of course. If you have a short torso and long femurs, then yes, it's hard to fit a bike without your knees being forward of your pedals. The original point of that calculation was so you wouldn't have your knee flexed excessively while applying force to the pedal; it can hurt your knee and reduce power output in some cases, but to say the knee has to be arbitrarily over the pedal has no real substance. It's how a lot of people ride and how Italian pros were told to ride by CONI for thirty years. And they won a lot. So back to the questions. Provide more info and you have a chance of getting a useful response.
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