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Thank you very much, all, excellent advice! I'm looking at Moots myself so Ti is definitely on my radar, if maybe a bit over budget. I didn't know about the Ergon grips but they look promising, so thank you. And I think compact frames would be great. Her hybrid has one of those low step-over tubes and I'm thinking compact wouldn't be too, too different.

Of course she'd prefer to test ride bikes but there's nothing appropriate in stock, even for window shopping.

I love buying used and have had good results, so I'm happy to do that, along with basic maintenance. Would it make sense to have her do a fitting even without a bike in hand? And if anybody has something appropriate that they'd consider selling, please hit me up!

Btw we're up in the country (Dutchess County in NY) for the summer and possibly beyond, so our biking opportunities are especially good. So she'd definitely get a lot of use out of it. The hybrid mostly stays inside.
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