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Originally Posted by rbullock View Post
I've had an offer of an excellent bike from Winter Cycles but no general advice. Especially interested in opinions/advice about upright handlebars, which she;ll need, that are high quality and lightweight, if such a thing exists. Thank you!
Do you mean something like Ergon GP5's, which are essentially barend grips/extensions? Lots of similar can be had in the $10 range if bare metal is all you need. I've seen some made of titanium before, but they're pretty rare. I've got some nice carbon ones too.

A compact frame might be the way to go. Lots of good deals to be had on ebay. I see no problem saving money on a used bike if it fits the bill, especially if you're able to do much of the tuning and maintenance by yourself. With new bikes at shops being hard to find this year, even more reason to consider buying used!
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