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Seeking road bike for 5'3" wife 28" bike inseam -- scoliosis

Hi, I'm a first time poster (but regular reader) to Paceline, so I hope you'll bear with me. My wife has scoliosis and some years ago had a successful (but painful) procedure to insert a titanium rod in her spine that limits her mobility. She is very strong and fit despite that and loves recreational biking, though she does need upright handlebars. She'd like to ride more, but her cbike is a heavy (34 lbs!), clunky hybrid bike with fairly poor quality components. I would like to find her a better bike, maybe steel or titanium -- aluminum may also be OK, if it's more forgiving than the norm -- that will be lighter and have much better components (say, Tiagra or 105 or above). Titanium might be ideal given its forgiving reputation but it's obviously pricey. I'd also love recommendations for high-quality handlebars that also upright. That last factor seems to be a particular challenge. Local bike shops (we're in Hudson Valley, NY for the summer) are limited and the new models are sold out. She's 5'3" and has a bike inseam of 28", so maybe around a size 50. A compact frame with a sloping top tube would be ideal, but it needn't be a "woman's bike". For now, I'd say we have a budget of $1500 for a used bike. Thank you very much for any suggestions!
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