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Why Custom steel?

Actually there are lots of cyclists who cannot get good fits on commercially available carbon fiber frames. In my experience shorter riders (under 5 feet) or riders with long legs relative to their reach may end up wanting a custom frame, and steel is an excellent material for making an affordable custom frame.

Some builders (Waterford and Rodriguez come to mind) have extensive lines of stock sizes which can accomodate many more body types than the typical S, M, L, XL sizes of commercial frames. In addition they will do full custom if necessary.

There is a quiet sizing crisis in the industry right now prodced by the collision of two forces—using 700C (or 29er) wheels on every frame, no matter how small, and using stock carbon fiber forks with fixed rake. In order to provide reasonable front center distances, small frames get slack head tube angles, and in combination with the fixed rake standard fork, the trail figures get ridiculously large. With a custom steel fork you can increase the rake to keep the trail the same. The alternative for really small frames is to design around a smaller wheel, 650B or 26”.

I think fit is far more important than saving 3 lbs of frame weight.
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