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Originally Posted by owly View Post
^ thanks for your thoughts. Very helpful.

Yes I can feel the ride height diff between a 33 and 35mm.

90psi and yes; I'd be bouncing all over the place. Generally around 25-40psi with a 35mm for me; On and offroad.
so I don't doubt that you're feeling something...but (and again, this is just to get you thinking, and for the sake of argument), that 2mm difference is in the tire width, not height. Even if it were the height, and even if that height were not reduced by the greater deflection from flattening out that happens with a fatter tire, 2mm is about the height of a US nickel. Is it the same brand/model of tire? because even that will have a greater variance. Anyway, no point in belaboring this one.

Realized I did not really answer the original question directly, though maybe indirectly I did. There will be a "weight at bars" balance that depends on everything I mentioned in my post: saddle fore/aft & height; cleat fore/aft, with crank length in there as well; saddle to bar drop; and finally rider effort and fitness. Rolling along at 12mph puts you in a different position than flying around a track (or time trial) at over 25. And I'm forgetting the shape and angle of your saddle. A saddle set up nose down does more to mess up weight at the bars than crank length every day of the week. Good luck finding your balance. I still think you need to play with saddle setback and height (and angle--go level), along with bar drop to find your sweet spot. I'm also curious about how CC came up with 177.5, which is pretty long. Really long legs, I assume. I would suggest reading Dave Kirk (here on PL forum) and Dave Moulton (on his blog, search bike fit) as well as your compatriot Steve Hogg on the issue of balance and setback.
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