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Originally Posted by Liv2RideHard View Post
Marty -

I have been digging y'alls stuff for some time. Love the way y'all approach it. I see you currently are offering 26'ers and 29'ers. Looking ahead do you anticipate ever offering a 650b?

With respect to the Mudville...I know disc tabs are an option. How about if I wanted to pair a Mudville disc with your Yo Marty fork. Do you think a disc option will be in the offering at some point? It looks like the CX Yo Marty is canti only at the moment.

TIA for taking time to consider my questions. Cheers.

Hey Guy!
We're a custom shop to we could do a 650b MTB at any point. I just quoted one for a guy the other day though! We also have some pretty nice 29ers on order, including one for myself. I'm excited about re-vamping this model a bit for the current year, and can't wait to get back to shredding the gnar a bit myself!

We do 'Yo Marty' disc forks pretty frequently, so that certainly is an option. The only issue with that is we don't have a way to make it look super flush with the 44mm Head Tube. The 2013 Team Mudville will be coming out with 44mm HT and discs, with a custom painted ENVE disc fork. I'm excited for these for sure. We're currently planning on starting batches of these bikes for June of 2013, so if you'd like a CX for next year get in touch with us soon.

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