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Originally Posted by teleguy57 View Post
Paint looks vaguely familar to me -- maybe because my Alliance graphics were inspired by the Legend below. Eric was so helpful in sending me additional photos from which I was able to work with Erik Rolf and Erik worked with Ollie at Dark Matter.

Marco's work is pretty darn amazing! Love the reversed out Campagnolo logo, the level TT and the oh-so-slightly dropped seatstays. And there is only one real choice for grouppos

Mine in the build/dial in phase similar to the Legend above:

The inspiration (post from this very thread almost three years ago to the day):

Thank you for the kind words!

You've inspired a bunch of us, as I've done something similar, as another Paceliner. The combination of bare Ti and a tad bit of paint is warranted in my book. This just came in today via DHL.
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