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Originally Posted by sparky33 View Post
What width 650b?
Did they build it with their new driveside yoke, or with a conventional chainstay?
47mm. Originally was running the Panaracer GK 1.9" but the outside knobs would rub on the eTap front der battery when out of the saddle, so switched out the back tire for a Terrene Elwood 47mm. Still have the GK on the front, but will probably switch it out to match at some point.

Chainstays are conventional - i think for this amount of clearance on 650b, they don't have to worry about introducing a yolk to keep the chainstays short enough. I think there's clearance for 700x40 but haven't tested that - widest I'd go would probably be 35 before throwing the 650b on.
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