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Originally Posted by Joxster View Post
There was a minor faux pas from Mavic support during the tour last year. Dan Martin recieved a double wheel change at the start of a descent, he's running discs. after 10km of descending the team car comes up and does a bike change. Mainly because things were a bit iffy on the descent and he was running 160 rotors but Mavic gave him 140's
Hmmmm...I thought the UCI agreed on some sort of ‘standard’ that it would be 12mm TA front and back and 140mm rotors??

BTW, I worked on a tri bike for Drew Scott that had these really awful, integrated into the fork legs and underneath chain stays, blade type brakes that were, VERY aero. Had to be more aero than any caliper/rotor setup...only problem, they didn’t farming work!!!
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