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Haha, The arm warmers came with the kit for the ride. I am not fast enough to pull them off normally

here is a quick pic of the complete bike in climbing mode:

Full spec
Super Record 12v with 52.36 and 11-34 for the steeper sections of the sequatchie climb.
Shamal mille clinchers
Paul skewers to deal with hooded rear dropouts
Veloflex corsa
King d11 headset
Fizik r1 stem and cyrano 00 bar
Speedpaly x1
Slr carbonio saddle
PMP carbon post
Arundel mandible cages
15.8 with everything on it
Ill switch it back to florida appropriate gearing and should have some ataggered wtos here shortly.
Such a fantastic handling bike. Full confidence on unfamiliar descents. Just feels right going fast on this
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