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Originally Posted by Mud
that I did not care anymore. I still do not. It just depends on your point of view. A good race is a good race. I usually listen to sports radio for a little while each day. Kenny Rogers throws 94mph when he has been at 86mph tops for 10 years. Floyd's Coke?

Then the pine tar on the hand. I did not care about that. A batter puts on enough body armor to embarass a world class DHer, hangs over the plate and is ready to charge the mound if the ball is inside. For you "mature" folks where is Sal Maglie when you need him.

It seems that the rules regarding blood are lenient enough and allow for a little doping anyway since important measurable levels are far beyond those of mere mortals anyway.

Debate is pointless, the 06 Tour was ruined, Lance's legacy will be ruined more by his own lifestyle than by allegations of doping. He was the best on the level playing field, wherever that level was.

The search for answers always seems to bring more questions. Barry Bonds will file for free agency on Monday. As BD said earler about the cyclists, there is probably no case.

The sports all have drug testing, governing bodies, investigators, etc. and the beat goes on. No point in debating it, the chemists are better funded than the investigators.

If you are outraged that is fine, if you care that is fine. I am neither outraged nor do I care. I just want to ride my own bike. If I knew that HGH was safe I would probably use it to remain healthier and turn back the clock a few years.
Good post.

I would not be surprised at all if commercial HGH and/or other like things are on their way for anti-aging and that 50 will be the new 40 in a generation or so.
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