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Originally Posted by 93KgBike View Post
I am hoping to find some smaller diameter road wheels or at least mtb wheels.

I am definitely not looking any of the wheelsmith bmx cruiser type wheels.

Looking for:

20 inch front wheel with sealed cartridge bearing hub 100mm

24 inch front and rear wheels with 100mm/135mm spacing cartridge bearing hubs and 9-10-11sp freewheel.

thank you for responses with photos of the wheel(s).
Not sure if you'll find these BUT
-If you have a LBS close that deals with J&B(a distributor), they have a bunch of wheels..not expensive. They just need to be trued/rounded/tensioned and STRESS RELIEVED before riding.

-OR, not sure of your budget but I can build you the above with a variety of shimano, J and B sourced or Bitex hubs and Velocity Dyad rims, Sapim spokes. Need 11s ROAD or MTB??
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