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Stuff this week

In the mid eighties I bought this little beauty from Brisbane Industrial Agencies. A family owned company who (or is whom?) I still deal with just about every week. Mum and Dad owned business with Karin and Lee their daughters who work the office and stock. Their long experience and knowledge had been very valuable to me. During the last 30 years Lee and Karin have gotten married, had children and now they have grand children. It is marvellous to have them just around the corner from my home/work place. The protractor was an expensive out lay for me at the time but it has given great service when called upon, like just recently when measuring the angle of a Columbus bio conical seat stay (new ones in stock ;-) ) to set the cross slide up for boring. This tool has given value for a long time and I wonder who will inherit this and all my valued tools when I am just ash at the crematorium? Yep, made in the USSR before the wall came down.

Cheers Dazza
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