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Originally Posted by nobuseri View Post
Parlee Z1 - 60CM (square)
$1800 for the frameset
$800 for the SR11 groupset (including crankset)
Want any other parts of full bike, we can work out something.
Excellent condition. Had it refinished by Parlee a couple years ago. Matte clear coat which ghost logos. Campy SR11 on the bike. Gearing is set at 50/34, 12/29. PMP headset.

Geo chart is in there with the pic spread.

Pics are here:

Thanks for the post, Paceline!
Pics link isn't working.. just fyi. Maybe was a shortened copied link.

Also, that's a steal and I'm an idiot for not having bought this in the past - and now not having room for it..
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