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Saddle height too low on Look 595 XXL

Update- Ok I finally came to grips with the fact this bike did not fit me!! Thanks for all the tips on fit, its challenging when you are 6’7” and trying to ride on factory carbon bike...I did try the Look RSP extended seat post and a longer, more upright stem, not exactly slammed, but more comfortable:

While this improved the fit and allowed full leg extension, the top tube reach was still a bit too short for me in the end (as people predicted.)

My final solution was to Trade the Look 595 XXL as a complete bike and some cash to a fellow forum user for a Cannondale Synapse 61cm with a bigger head tube and more upright geometry. The fit of the Synapse is much better now with 130mm stem and long seat post:

I wish Look would make bigger bikes, they ride great but the head & top tubes are just too short for us tall guys!

Glad Cannondale does make bigger frames, but not as big as they used to...Below is my CAAD5 66cm Road bike circa 2004, with an uncut 400mm Alpha Q fork. When comparing the seat, pedals and bar measurements on the Synapse - both C’Dale bikes are now very close each other and comfortable for me to ride! The CAAD5 was professionally fit to me after experiencing left leg issues last fall. Yes I do realize that at my height, a custom built frame should be my next move...

As a side note to some of the comments on 180mm cranks, I just changed all the cranks on all my road bikes to be 175mm. I had Campy Record 180mm cranks on the CAAD5 but they never felt quite right with the pedal stroke.

Also when I Road a Century last September with 200mm Zinn Cranks on a KHS Flite 747, they caused hip pain at the top of the stroke and I’m now convinced the 200mm cranks strongly contributed to left leg sciatica which got to be pretty uncomfortable to a point where I could not ride at all last fall and most of the winter.

Anyway, learned a bit more about bike fit the hard way and now I’m just glad to be back on the bike. I appreciate the comments and everyone’s input!

P.S. As you can see the ‘Dales are not crossed chained...


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