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some old pics

Rummaging through a mess of photos last night, I find these two. I have long forgotten the name of the village in 1994 France. I was going OK and tagged onto the front group, waited, had good legs at the end of the 100km and then started launching off to break it down. This young fella went clear with some laps to go, I went across, we swapped and then I decided with my good legs to proceed to take him apart. I am hazy on the details but I remember my notion of "I am going to win this one, time to crush him confidence" vapourised as this fella put his head down and left me chasing in vain yet again for another second place finish. I always pondered, you can have them swaying and hanging on a thread and then with 10 - 15kms to go, they change from 6 cylinder to V8 engines, yeah, I always wondered about that...........

Cheers Dazza
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