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Originally Posted by metalheart View Post
Early September flying into Minneapolis on the way for some real estate scouting in northern Wisconsin. Plan is to get across the River and head toward SW Wisconsin ending up in Madison and then onto Wausau and Lake Tomahawk.. I'm cycling, my wife is driving and antiquing.

I have not settled on a route yet for the early part of the trip, but tentatively looking at starting in La Crosse and going to Madison via Reedsburg. It looks as if there are 3 different bike trails between La Crosse and Reedsburg but they and some other Wisconsin bike trails are described as compacted limestone. I think of that as rocky stuff.

The bike I am taking has HED Belgium Plus rims with 28mm Continental 5000 tires. I am not sure these are the appropriate tires for these types of trails. I may just prefer to ride on the rural roads , but if I do choose some of the trails, what tires would you suggest for "compacted limestone."

I might just take a road only route from La Crosse or thereabouts southwest to new Glarus and then to Madison. Any other route suggestions are appreciated.
The 28mm GP5000 will be just fine

Have fun
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