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Originally Posted by BumbleBeeDave View Post
If you're already familiar with the Deerfield area and already can manage your own routes and don't mind camping someplace, then yeah, extravagant. But if you've never been to the area before and want to stay someplace nice, then consider what you get:
  • 2 nights at Deerfield Inn. Nice place–normally $260 per night
  • All breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners
  • Guides who know the area
  • Pre-planned routes
  • Van support
  • Snacks and everything else a van can carry on the ride
  • . . . and yeah, a water bottle and a jersey
Consider it in that context.

I did not think the price was anything crazy with all that is included. People need to get paid for their services and in the grand scheme of thing I doubt anyone is making a gigantic profit
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