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Originally Posted by konaman View Post
Hi, I am trying to track down information and history about a Serotta I just bought. It is a MTB. The Serial number is CSP 16 083. I tried searching for it and the closest I found are road bikes and even track. It does not like a Singolo?

The paint is not original.

Any help much welcome.

SP in the position of the model designation = prototype.

I don't see, in the photos you've presented, anything out of the ordinary with the frame. Sometimes, in my experience, this designation was used simply before a serial number designation was assigned to a model.

That paint looks to me to not only be not the original, but not performed at the factory, not even as a custom scheme, due to the decals. The TiMax frame in the 2006 catalog was painted at the factory. The bike you have may simply have a finish that was inspired by that catalog photo, or indeed be the catalog bike with a non-factory refinish job.
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