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Originally Posted by duff_duffy View Post
I’d bet he could turn around and sell that top cap for quite a bit. Someone reached out to me looking for just a ti top cap like this and offered nearly what this entire set sold for! Unfortunately I did not have it anymore, had sold with a bike. When you got something rare and someone has to have it...
I think he might have bought the headset >for< the top cap. I think he had a post not long ago inquiring about one.

I actually found one recently mixed in with various pewter caps. I'd bought these prior to the release of the Ti cap, but none of them matched the Titanium (on the bottom) finish nor matched each other. I seem to recall one of the fellows at Chris King telling me that pewter was the hardest of the colors to get consistent between batches, and if anybody ordered a single hub, they'd have to warn the customer that the color may vary quite a bit from an existing hub.
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