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Originally Posted by ucdcrush View Post
It's interesting to see the replies. I have seen the youtube videos where Cam Nichols was fit by Neil Stanbury, and to help Cam from dropping his right hip, put 6mm of shim under his right shoe. I also see on his more recent videos where Neil is fitting an ultra long distance cyclist, and had shimmed him as well as put something taped to his saddle to remind him if he's listing to one side. And I think in that case, the shims are decreased or eliminated now.

I figured that is similar to what my fitter is trying to do with me. But have also read some people are against shimming (maybe unless there's an anatomic leg length difference). I would prefer to work on my body to make it more symmetrical if the shim is a bandaid that is going to slow down that progress. But given that it's something used by respected fitters like Neil Stanbury, and again that I've been trying to get my own fit right for a while, that's why I'm open to using it in addition to really working on the off the bike exercises and stretches that my fitter recommended.

It does seem though that lowering the saddle wouldn't always be the automatic best answer when one is dropping one hip.. because that leg might actually be shorter, or at least be acting shorter, and lowering it might make it lower than optimal for the longer (or acting longer) leg.
Was going to suggest that video, and glad you found it. If you respect and trust your fitter I would say go with the shimming to see how it works.

As you can see from the vid the body is very adaptable, but sometimes it can lead to unwanted/suboptimal adaptations. The shimming is pretty extreme but if you feel better then that's all that counts.
Good luck and keep us abreast of the progress.
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