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*Real Name (first or full - up to you) = Joe
*Where do you live? = Atkinson, NH. 35 minutes North of Boston
*Explanation of your forum handle. = Last 3 frames Pinarello. Surprise, Galileo and now ROKH. Fits me perfectly.
*Occupation. = Sales/business development for manufacturer of optical systems for medical devices
*How did you find the Paceline? = a friend
*Favorite Bike. = Pinarello Surprise with ultegra gruppo.
*Whatsï½´ in your stable? = a 30 year old Cesare track bike from my Trexelertown days, Pinarello Galileo, Pedal Force (backup) and Pinarello ROKH.
*Fastest speed on your bike? Where? When? = Approaching 60, descending Brandon gap in Vermont, in 1988 during the inaugural Killington stage race. (i didn't know any better)
*How many miles did you ride last year? = 2,500, has decreased in the past couple of years due to a lingering injury.
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