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ACME in Brooklyn or Katonah is my favorite. They use both Retul and GURU bike for step by step search for optimal fit. They fitted 1,000s of people hence they know what works and what doesn't. It is expensive but not much more than others in NYC area.

I also had a fit from Manuel at Maglia Rosa and liked him and his process very much. It is more old school, it lasts 3hrs at least, there is a lot of exchange about what your experience in biking is, what your goals are etc; he uses a Serotta bike fit tool to set you up. He himself rides extensively many different bikes and knows what works for road, gravel and Mtb.

It depends what you going after. If you want to have a shop which uses the latest and greatest tech for fitting ACME is the place. ACME also has an advantage if you after triathlon and time trial settings.

If you want to have a more classic, human based, very thorough bike fit I prefer Maglia Rosa.

I had few bikes designed by both and the result ideal geometry was very very close between the two of them. I feel Maglia Rosa set you up with what ideally you want to become as a biker in few months ahead (slimmer, more powerful and more flex hence a bit more aggressive stance). With Manuel you can discuss about a goal you have and he will fit you with that goal in mind.
ACME instead is great at finding the best optimal solution given the status quo of our physical condition.

Hope that helps

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