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The titanium AX (pictured above) and EX were Litespeed built. I had an EX and built a dozen or so AX and EX frames back in the day. The EX tubeset was manipulated a'la Columbus Max. The QC on these Litespeed frames were hit and miss. The standard issue was that the rear triangles were not aligned properly, and that resulted in offset rear wheels. I discovered this issue after installing the components on new frames, and then inserting the rear wheel later in the process. Needless to say, subsequent builds began with inserting the rear wheel first. It also bothered me that these frames did not have a dedicated fork. Some individuals plugged SR Prisim forks into them, and then the Kestral EMS became the default fork. They should have had a Columbus steel unicrown fork with a proper rake built for them like Derosa did on their titanium frames. I raced mine for a couple of years and then punted.
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