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Originally Posted by Nomadmax View Post
I loved the men's road race yesterday, congrats to JA! I have a couple questions. Team Italy had jerseys that were clearly logoed with Suzuki front and back and you really had to look for "Italia". My questions are:

I know a certain amount of trade team logos are allowed now but thought they really weren't supposed to be "front and center" so to speak. What are the rules on this?

I didn't know Suzuki even sponsored a cycling team; do they?

What's the connection between a Japanese motorcycle company and the Italian National cycling team??

I think there is some connection to Suzuki being a main sponsor of the WC(the 'race' cars, the VIPs and race director, etc, were all Suzukis) and the race being in Italy, and the Italian team being Suzuki..don't know what it is but...

BUT 2 of the BIG 3 sponsors of this race in Italy, were Japanese companies..Shimano and Suzuki(and Mapai)...
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