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Mrs TR's all time favorite race bike is a Ruby. I think it's the PRO, it's the one with Dura Ace on it. Lot's of Crit's and RR's, finishes in the money a LOT against gals 20 to 25 years younger.

I race a Tarmac, I've ridden a Roubaix for a good long ride to test it out. Not as much difference as the marketers would have you believe. The cornering seemed a little bit sharper on the Tarmac and the rear wheel seemed a little bit more planted on the Roubaix in the rough stuff. The Tarmac had a little better fit due to the slightly shorter head tube length on my size.

I don't win or lose because of the Tarmac over the Roubaix, neither one is a boat anchor, they do fit slightly different though.
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