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PSA: Rapha on eBay

TL;DR: The current great eBay deals on brand new Rapha gear are the result of credit card fraud.

Fellow Rapha enthusiast dbnm alerted me to a great eBay deal: brand new Pro Team Training bibs $125 BIN. After vacillating because it was a zero feedback seller, he took a flyer. What arrived was clearly a legit Rapha product, in legit packaging, from their distribution center in Hebron KY, including his name on a return shipping label. Strange.

The explanation is that these eBay sellers (there are many listings now, e.g. this one) take your payment then use a stolen credit card to place an order on and ship (with 2 day upgrade, how kind) to you.

I'm sure this is a common scheme for etailers, especially those selling premium products. I know there are both Rapha lovers and haters here, but based on my buy/sell experience they are all ethical folks who wouldn't want to screw Rapha just to get a great deal.

Hope y'all get a good long Memorial Day ride in.
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