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Originally Posted by lavi View Post
I'd love to sneak off for a ride like this.

However, I'd go with no touring company. I'm cheap and the riding down there is well documented. Easy to put 2 to 3 to 4 days of incredible riding together.

Then, on the way down and back, hit a ride in the Bay Area. Ride in Santa Cruz. Ride in Santa Barbara. Ride Malibu.

Stay were you want. Eat where you want.

If I can get wifey to agree, maybe I could sneak off on this trip and sacrifice Sea Otter this year???? I promise to train up and drop the extra 15 covid/beer lbs. No matter, I still go up hill like I'm dragging anchor. I'll meet ya at the top!!!!

If it were a bro’s trip, I wouldn’t need the support but I like the insurance policy of knowing if I crash or have an awful mechanical there’s a sag wagon and someone to take care of things.. helps Ms. Clean feel better too. And I’d just be staying at an AirBnB or suites hotel w a kitchen - I’d rather have a fridge and hotplate than luxury accommodations for a training camp. I’m thinking the Santa Monica one in Feb and Sierras later in the spring.
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