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Originally Posted by oliver1850 View Post
I understand that they are wholesalers, the question is why. Seams to me that the traditional hierarchy of manufacturer>distributor>dealer>consumer is outmoded and that companies that remain in the middle of that chain have a very limited expected lifespan.
No doubt about it and the bolded one in your statement is the one that is getting hurt the most..Bikes are of parts from many manufacturers, unlike just about everything else 'sold' a central point for 'parts' is essential(distributor) but what some manufacturers have done is become the 'place' that you get your non maker, spare parts..BUT distributors, as I have mentioned, and very common in Europe with different contractual laws of what you can buy, sell and how it's priced, are goin to the distributor-consumer in the US..QBP, probably others. They keep it pretty quiet tho, cuz many LBS will dump a distributor they see as competition..It's not illegal, just kinda smarmy.
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