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Originally Posted by Mike Lopez View Post
Circa 1990. Prototype #1 of the second generation Stumpjumper Epic. Ned rode one of these in the worlds one year. Chainstay shape was based on my buddies Fat Chance. I didn't have CNC at the time so I hand cranked that mold on the BPort & rotary table. I was so proud after making the first side and then an old timer told me not to gloat until the second side fit properly. And of course he was there when it didn't and said Uh Huh, spit his chaw on the floor and walked away laughing. My first real experience in backlash on an old mill. BTW...The second try worked perfect. Nearly 30 years later I still like riding that bike!

Fast forward 20+ years and here's Uncle Bruce and I having fun on our collaboration mixed material BG specials. A fun project with a fun guy.

I've been involved with other mixed bikes over the years but these are my favorites.
I had one of those S-Works bikes. Mine had the purple tint in the carbon.

Just about the best-riding mtn bike I've ever owned. If it wasn't outdated by the time I got it from a buddy, I'd probably still own it. (1" headset, Mag21, etc) I stuck one of those Ti Specialized stems on that thing.

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