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Would be much more willing to provide him with a gift certificate for the services of my accountant. Every few now and again we have to revisit how money works, it's never a fun conversation.

As an idle curiosity, I too am curious as to how $215k in gift certificates for life gets carried around on the books? It's a liability that will float around year after year, can you really spend it or does it have to be set aside and restricted and when do you eventually get taxed on it? How does it affect your credit with vendors? The California Dept of Revenue audit should be interesting as it will definitely be a line item that draws attention

Good luck to Ross and I hope he learns/adjusts as Rivendell/Bridgestone has quite a history in the biz and is better with the market

For the record, the MB-0 was a POS, irregardless of wheel size don't attempt that again. The the MB-1 and MB-2 were much better bikes as far as spec and construction. The MB-0 was made of tubing that was way too thin/flexy and came with pin holes in the welds...stock, it's probably the reason Ross hates go fast bikes to this day. Also had a bunch of weird mavic parts that were proprietary as far as crank lengths and stuff like that. It took me several tries to get an MB-0 that was sufficient to actually ride. MB-1 and MB-2 were the way to go