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Originally Posted by Szttmn View Post
Hi, I'm negotiating a serotta build and just asked the owner for it's serial number (CNV 53.5 188), for what I understand it recalls to a Custom Nove, seat tube 53.5, production number 188.

As you might imagine, this is the only serotta bike up for sale here in Brazil and I think it might end up being mine, so I'm trying to get to know as much as possible about it before the purchase.

For what I seen, a similar bike with 182 serial number was posted up for sale somewhere with 2005 year in the description;

For the headbadge, I'm not able to extract any info yet

Hope you can help ;D
I think you have it right, a custom 53.5 Nove. Since it is a custom, be sure that the top tube length is right for you. Great bike, 2nd in the line to the Meivici.
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