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Thanks, all.

Here it is, finally off the stand, out and about. Still waiting on the other seatpost. Meantime, the Thomson does the job just fine.

Originally Posted by blilrat View Post
That's a great looking bike! Have you ridden it enough to compare the ride to the Serotta DP you had?
Thanks! I find them a little hard to compare directly.

The DP always felt slightly large for me. It was heavy-ish and, of course, 8-speed Tricolor had its limitations. It was still a solid ride. I had no real complaints about it.

The Colorado is one size down. Feels more "right" to me in terms of fit. That said, I kind of hated it when it had 8-speed Campy... to the point that I was starting to regret selling the DP.

Then I decided to get rid of all the Campy parts and get the 6800 group.

As it is now, the ride quality is heaps better than with the DP. It would be impossible to go back.

Again though, I think it's mostly due to the obvious advantages of better fit and lighter, more versatile, modern components.

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