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Yup, I feel you, this was recently all orange. And this was pre-polish.

And here is my magic secret of ti polish. A guy who sold me a used ti post here made this a sent it to me, I can't remember his name but it has been very useful. I assume he won't mind my sharing.

You'll need a few sheets (8.5" x 11) of green Scotchbrite and and a roll of Gorilla Tape (VERY! strong duct tape if you don't already know) and a mask (a paper painting mask should work, but I have a rubber ventilator with filters).

Then cut the two strips of SB the exact width of the tape or a touch wider. Then cut approximately 3 feet of Gorilla tape and put the SB strips in the middle 22". On each end fold the tape in on itself (14" folded in half will leave you with 7" handles) and you are left with a very durable (you could do it with regular duct tape but it will fall apart much faster) strap that works like a shoe shine rag. Then I make the same thing with a strip half as wide as the tape (I think the roll is 3" so a 1.5" strap 11" long with whatever sized handles you like (I go about 4" on these, so leave 8" on each end, so a 27" strip of tape cut in half the long way, and a very narrow one (about .5" inches) by 11" with handles. You can get into just about every crevice with a back and forth buffing motion, I did a complete frame in a few hours. They also work on seatposts and stems, and anything ti with scratches.

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