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Clean39T 07-31-2018 12:41 AM

Kirk MRB - 2018
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Finally. After 18-months of being told to "go get a custom already", I done did it. :hello:

I can't remember the exact timing, but I think it was the day that PDonk was out here in Portland awaiting his SV fit and the conversation that day while we were touring the city I think got me to finally send in my deposit to get on the list.

I figured it was going to be a good long while before my turn in line would be up, so I kept fiddling with other builds and buys and commitments...and then out of the blue I get a telegram from Bozeman saying a spot had unexpectedly opened up in the build queue and would I like to take it? Well, yes. Of course I would.

I'll spare the details about my cold feet and indecision for now - stainless or painted, lugged or fillets, fenders or bare...these are the questions that try men's souls - and just say that Dave has been incredible to work with...patient with my first-timer questions and super helpful in getting me through the info-gathering and decision process...not just explaining what, but also why, and a bit of how. To all those who said I'd be in good hands, you were right...and then some.

So now I've got a design locked-in that I'm confident is going to be just right for me. It's an MRB-ish setup, with mid-reach brakes and fender mounts, but pretty straightforward spring-classics geo, not too relaxed, not too aggressive. I plan to ride it with 28s or 30s on 25s, but wanted the extra space for versatility and fender room. We already had the chainstay length there, so it was really just a matter of where to put the brakes relative to the rims, and how long the fork would be (and then adjustments to the HT length). Tubing spec'd for my weight and ride purpose...of course...some OS, some regular. And Terraplanes, with fillets pulling it all together. :beer:

Next up - gotta figure out exactly what I want to do with the paint...have some ideas for the design, probably like this, just not set on what three colors I want to group together on it. This means talking to my wife about it...which is dangerous territory...I need her artist input, but that could lead to some detailed questions...maybe too detailed... :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, and I gotta pick out some parts too.

Stay tuned :D

dubrat 07-31-2018 01:01 AM

I have a feeling this will be a long thread....

I'm looking forward to watching this build.

tylercheung 07-31-2018 01:12 AM

the decisions can be hard, lol! Hust a few years back I thought I'd ride skinny road tire bikes on ultegra brakes forever, ok, well maybe something w/ the Velo orange grand cru's....swore off canti's forever. Now there's mid reach, fat tires, discs, yada yada...

weisan 07-31-2018 05:24 AM

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gotta figure out exactly what I want to do with the paint...have some ideas for the design, probably like this,
Congratulation Clean pal on getting to this point in your quest and journey.

In keeping up with the tradition that we are all "enablers" here in this community, I got some paint ideas/samples for you to consider, hopefully it helps.


weisan 07-31-2018 05:26 AM

For some reason, I always picture you as a white knight.

I think this was a record-setting high watermark.

sib 07-31-2018 05:55 AM

That Zanconato with the red logos is incredible!

huck*this 07-31-2018 06:04 AM

Congrats Dan. Looking forward to this thread for sure!

fignon's barber 07-31-2018 06:22 AM

Congrats. I think it's a smart move. There's something special about having a bike made for you. Like having your own child, versus babysitting the neighbor's kid.

weisan 07-31-2018 06:33 AM


It's an MRB-ish setup, with mid-reach brakes
Why not ask Dave pal to incorporate both disc and rim brake mounts into the build? That way, you don't have to choose, you can have the whole cake.

Miller76 07-31-2018 06:42 AM

Congrats, I'm subscribed!! Look forward to following this and to be honest, its one of my favorite things about this forum.

pdonk 07-31-2018 08:02 AM

Glad I could be of assistance.

For me it was between a Kirk or a Speedvagen. My wife preferred the looks of the SV and wanted to take a trip to Portland.

A suggestion for your bike - if you can't decide between fillet and lugs ask if he'll do bilam for for you.

Hopefully Dave is still building in 5-7 years when i can justify trying to explain the "need" for a new bike.

Jad 07-31-2018 08:05 AM

Sounds like a great setup so far and a lot of fun. I envy/don't envy some of the aesthetic decision-making possibilities; I would love to dwell on a variety of schemes, but then probably find myself dwelling too long:). Looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

semdoug 07-31-2018 08:28 AM

Paint is something I've always struggled with, both for bikes and custom sea kayaks. I guess it is because geometry and specs are technical and paint is emotional. It can be a fine line between loving it and what the **** was I thinking.

I was lucky to find a used Kirk in my size, great bike.

Good luck with yours and the paint decision.

Mzilliox 07-31-2018 09:06 AM

right on, this will be fun

tuscanyswe 07-31-2018 09:31 AM


Thats a really really nice choice of bike and builder and you certainly seem to need a custom that tix all your boxes. Lord knows a lot of bikes have not :banana:

Looking forward to updates, enjoy not only the bike but the process .)

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