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Keith A 09-25-2020 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by rdv (Post 2801426)
Thanks. Doubted that Serotta would have let out of the shop with decals that way. Curious if the L in the serial number has some particular meaning.

The "L" means long top tube. For a while they were using this in their serial numbers, but it seems like all of them from those years had the "L" in there.

oliver1850 09-26-2020 01:21 PM

As Keith mentioned, earlier in the decade Serotta offered different top tube lengths on their steel frames. For example the standard geometry 58 cm frame had a 57 cm top tube, the long (58L) had a 58 cm TT, and the extra long (58X) had a 59 cm TT. In 1995 Serotta dropped the optional lengths and the L lengths became standard on 53 to 62 cm stock frames. The stock Ti frames were all built with the L geometry.

Mike Bryant 10-08-2020 09:09 PM


Originally Posted by Marcy (Post 1187351)
I've got a Ti Concours Cross bike that starts with CU, so I'm guessing that a CU prefix means Concours. I haven't seen the Concours model discussed in this thread, so I thought I'd share.

The rest of the code follows the modern 'rules' -- the second grouping is the size (59) and the third I assume is the number made (003)

Great bike, a keeper.

-- Marc


I recently acquired CU 59 005. Indeed a great bike for my gravel riding adventures. I did change the brakes from TRP 8.4 mini-v’s to polished Paul MiniMotos. Thought you’d like to see it.


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