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Rayne_in_Spokes 02-28-2021 10:40 PM

[Vendor] NOS Guerciotti GLX Lugged Steel Frame/Fork: 57cm - Columbus TSX
This 1991 or 1992 Guerciotti was a collector's wall hanger bike from the day it arrived from the Ten Speed Drive workshop. It was equipped with a full C-Record gruppo. The GLX model was their flagship top level frame from the mid 80's into the 1990's. Most importantly, this frame was imported to the USA by Ten Speed Drive Imports (TSD). TSD had a contract with Guerciotti where they were sent raw frames for TSD to process. These frames were given a more thorough alignment than the Italian finished frames. More obvious, TSD painted them with DuPont Imron paint! This stuff is stellar in appearance and is long lasting. The Italian frames have a BAD reputation for flakey paint and decals that are never all there. See the TSD catalog scan at the end of photos for their process!

The paint job on this is nothing short of spectacular! The paint theme is kind of a representation of the sky and it's various stages. The dark blue appears as deep as an endless clear night sky. The edges of the lugs in dark blue "glow" in good lighting! (these are just paint effects showing up in the photos, the lugs are not lined). The lighter blue is like atmosphere burning off before transitioning into the cloud-like brilliant white. The decals are nothing but clouds and rainbows, and at the right angles these decals seem to be hovering in thin air. See how the Paolo Guerciotti signature in the 2nd photo seems to be floating behind the head tube!

The 80's bikes had SLX, and TSX was Columbus's stiffer and lighter replacement for SLX. It was their highest end standard diameter round tubing ever. Straight from the Columbus catalog: "Tube set for professional use, coupling maximum performance with reduced weight. It is particularly suitable for stage races of more than 150 Km over mixed terrain. In addition to butted walls, this set has five helicoidal internal reinforcements, thus giving greater rigidity against tube flexing and torsion."

Frame features

Columbus TSX tubing, investment cast lugs with no pantographs, sloping fork crown w/ star pantographs on crown & long tangs, fully chromed fork/chainstays, rainbow & star decals, Campagnolo horizontal dropouts/fork ends, sloping crown w/ star pantographs, pump peg, chain catch, semi-wrapped chainstay caps w/panto, panto brake bridge, BB shell w/ integrated cable guides & star cutout.


New old stock! It was built up by TSD, and hung up on a wall for display before it was ever ridden. It came to me with a few of the original C-Record parts still there and they are PERFECT. Frame shows zero signs of riding use. The paint is brilliantly glossy and pristine with only one wear spot & two part installation mark spots. 1) the non-drive chainstay at BB shell has some handling/storage chip/scrape spots. One is on the lug tip, the other is just to the rear of it. These show the rustolium layer, and inside that smaller bits of bare metal (which has been touched with a drop of clear coat to prevent rust). These are NOT dents, just paint damage. 2) tiny paint chips in spots along the BB shell edges from BB cups, 3) light axle marks in dropouts.


-Top tube: 57cm
-Seat tube: 58cm (C-T)
-Head tube: 157mm
-Rear spacing: 126mm
-Seatpost size: 27.0mm
-Bottom bracket threads: Italian
-Campagnolo seatpost binder bolt
-Frame number: 06772

$800 frame/fork only

Many more pics, and to purchase see link below :)

rowebr 03-01-2021 07:41 AM

Wow!! I agree the TSD paint job is fantastic. Been riding my TSD Guerciotti for almost 5 years now and the paint still looks great.

Johnnysmooth 03-01-2021 07:58 AM


Hellgate 03-01-2021 08:35 AM

Stunning. Amazing price too.

reuben 03-01-2021 11:07 AM

I'm lucky. It's just a tad too big for me. It's freakin' gorgeous.

texbike 03-01-2021 11:10 AM

I had a TSX-tubed TSD Guerciotti that was all white with the chrome and the decals. It was a bit on the heavy side (22 lbs with 7400 and Open Pros!)but was an incredibly nice riding bike. I took it over to France and Italy in 2005 and rode up a number of classic climbs including Alpe D'Huez and Ventoux. These were built by Billato I believe. Cool machines and rare to find one that's NOS.


Andrevich4 03-01-2021 01:04 PM

What’s the sizing like on older bikes? I ride a 56ish modern racing bike but have been told an eroica bike (which this would be) are more like a 57 or 58 TT.

BigLips 03-01-2021 03:57 PM

Wow, what a beautiful bike! I worked with a guy who had such a love affair for Guerciottis, every one of these bikes I see reminds me of him.

flying 03-01-2021 05:39 PM

How beautiful is that! :beer:

Rayne_in_Spokes 03-01-2021 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by Andrevich4 (Post 2890092)
What’s the sizing like on older bikes? I ride a 56ish modern racing bike but have been told an eroica bike (which this would be) are more like a 57 or 58 TT.

You've been told correctly :) I also ride a 56 modern bike, and 57-58 is my best fit on a vintage frame.

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