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jambee 11-25-2021 02:24 AM

Happy thanksgiving all!

RichTheRoadie 11-25-2021 03:09 AM

The *one* time where I find myself wishing the head tube on a 55ish top tube'd frame was shorter! Oh well...

jambee 11-25-2021 03:20 AM

hahahah! Good one!

The custom frame was designed for someone who does not like to bend too much. If you can get your legs over the standover and the reach is OK, you should be fine on the frame.

RichTheRoadie 11-25-2021 03:24 AM

If it were a 17-19cm head tube it’d be perfect, but over 20cm is too tall.

robt57 11-25-2021 11:00 AM

That bike/frame should look wonky by the numbers in my mind, but looks great!

There should be more which the fit could be appropriate among PL rider/non-racers that not I figure.

jambee 11-26-2021 04:41 AM

You are correct about looking at the numbers only. You have to take the angles into account and then it start to make a lot of sense.

The original intention was to build a road bike that does not require a big drop from seat to handlebar. See how it looks built up. Classy and comfortable and super light.

The build came up to 8.05kg as shown here. Almost no carbon what so ever.

Maiden Voyage by Jambi, on Flickr

jambee 11-28-2021 11:22 AM

Bringing this up for the Sunday crowd. Price has some flexibility. Such a nice frameset hanging out in my flat makes no sense.

jambee 11-29-2021 02:17 PM

Weekends go fast these days. Happy Monday bump.

jambee 12-01-2021 03:23 AM

Mid week bump.

LouDeeter 12-01-2021 05:19 AM

I'm in the group that is wondering about the geometry. If you are 6'3" or thereabouts, with short legs, why in the world would you need a bike with such a short top tube? I get the seat tube and saddle height listed, but you should be riding a bike with much longer top tube I would think. I'm 5'7" and could actually ride this bike given the top tube, although there wouldn't be a lot of seat post showing and standover might be a bit painful if I had to stop suddenly. Are you running a 140 stem or something like that to compensate for the top tube?

jambee 12-01-2021 06:24 AM

Good questions!

The reason that for a "tall-ish" person this bike is interesting is if said tall person has a back problem and does not want/can not bend too much. The short TT allows you to sit pretty straight.

A shorter torso with long lets is just as well a great candidate for the bike. If you can handle the standover, this will be amazing bike.

That's the great thing about custom bikes after all.

jambee 12-02-2021 03:20 AM

The weekend is in sight!

Smitty2k1 12-02-2021 08:50 AM

What's your saddle height in the photos?

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jambee 12-02-2021 12:32 PM

@Smitty2k1 it is set to be 77cm from the middle of the bottom bracket.

jambee 12-03-2021 03:16 AM

Happy Friday!

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